Oglesby Mansion Restoration

The East Porch restoration is just about finished! Our contractors have been working all summer to recreate/restore the look of the original east veranda of the house. The old brick piers have been replaced with replicas of the original wooden ones; the original wooden posts have been restored. Both the balustrade on the roof and the screening below the porch floor were replicated to match period photographs of the house.

Phase III of our restoration is now complete. The sidewalk up to the west porch has been re-graded to allow wheelchair access, the porch has been restored, the ramp up to the dining room door added, a gate cut into the porch railing, and the chairlift has been installed. We can now welcome the mobility-challenged into the first floor of the house. We have also added a descriptive photo album of the restored rooms on the second floor for them to peruse.

Our thanks to the many Decatur community members who made this possible!


Join Governor Oglesby Mansion, Inc. as it works to restore and maintain the Gov. Richard J. Oglesby Mansion.
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